At CrossFit West Essex we produce well rounded athletes that excel in weight lifting, gymnastics, and endurance. By mastering these three phases of fitness, we create an athlete that is prepared for anything life can throw at us. Whether your job requires you to fight fires and chase criminals or you simply want to make basic physical tasks easier, our programming will provide you with the competitive edge you need. Our programming along with our expert coaching staff will get you to a level of fitness you did not think was possible at any age.

At CrossFit West Essex we believe in the classic CrossFit approach of increasing your physical capabilities while improving your health. By avoiding specialization, our balance of strength and stamina produces the most well rounded athletes around. Whether your goal is to compete in CrossFit, train for a specialized sport, or simply improve health, CrossFit West Essex will get you to your goal!

Team Training

CrossFit West Essex has teamed up with High Schools around the area to provide CrossFit to athletes during their offseason. Programs range between 2-3 days per week to prepare athletes for the upcoming season. By keeping athletes working together during the offseason, teams can continue to build camaraderie while improving their fitness as well.

For additional information on how to get your High School Team involved contact Kevin Yurchak at or by phone at 201-230-8843. Provide your athletes with the competitive edge and give them the best chance to succeed!

Open Gym

Are you interested in taking your training to the next level? Or is there not enough hours in the day and you can’t always make class times? If so, CrossFit West Essex offers Open Gym during all regular scheduled class hours to accommodate you. If you have aspirations of competing or simply enjoy challenging yourself on high skill movements, CFWE provides the space for you to train at your own pace. For more details on the Open Gym schedule and policy, ask any of our Coaches.