About Us

CrossFit West Essex is not a typical gym. We are New Jersey’s Elite Fitness Facility specializing in teaching the CrossFit standards of “fitness”, “health” and “athleticism.” Our fitness, being “CrossFit”, comes through molding men and women that are equal parts gymnast, Olympic weightlifter, and multi-modal sprinter or “sprint athlete.” CrossFit West Essex strives to break away from the current, flawed fitness model we see so prevalent in America. You will not find mirrors, universal machines, or disinterested staff. What you will find are all the tools necessary to build elite levels of fitness, and trainers committed to get you there. At CrossFit West Essex barbells, dumbbells, rowers, kettle bells, wall balls, rings, pull-up bars, and other fundamental fitness tools are used within artful programming to constantly challenge and push you to exceed even your own expectations. Of course, the greatest key to your success is you. Achieving elite levels of fitness is a process that takes time, determination, and the watchful eye of our dedicated staff of coaches. Whatever your fitness level is today and whatever your fitness goals may be, we are here to help and guide you every step of the way. CrossFit West Essex is not only dedicated to forging your elite fitness, but having fun while doing it. CrossFit has no equal in its ability to create a sense community and friendship amongst it’s participants.

We feel our Coach, Greg Glassman said it best.

  • The Magic is in the Movement,
  • The Art is in the Programming,
  • The Science is in the Explanation,
  • And the Fun is in the Community.

Our Story

About usKevin and Raina first met at CrossFit West Essex in 2012 when Raina was looking to begin CrossFit for the first time. The two had an immediate spark which was seen by everyone in the gym. Fast forward a few years later and their relationship grew at the same rapid pace of CrossFit West Essex. Kevin and Raina tied the knot in June 2014 which was a busy year for them and CFWE. The gym went from a 3,000 square foot facility to a 5,500 square foot state of the art CrossFit Box. The functionality and design of the space is unlike any other around. From changing rooms and locker rooms for athletes to our 20+ athlete Rogue Rig, the design of CrossFit West Essex leads the industry.

Kevin and Raina will be there every step of the way as you begin your journey at CrossFit West Essex. Whether you’re an experience athlete or a beginner, they will coach you through your first sessions and make you feel part of the family. CrossFit West Essex has a community unlike any other and we can’t wait for you to be apart of it!

CrossFit West Essex is owned and operated by Kevin & Raina Yurchak. Both Certified CrossFit Trainers dedicated to helping you reach your goal of elite fitness.