Johnny Fernandez

I started CrossFit West Essex September 2013 when a friend that was living with me a while back convinced me to give it a try. I was currently on the market for gym that fit my values and lifestyle. Being a former college athlete I was interested in gaining my physical strengths back for soccer. I had started with a weight of 210lbs. I was hooked the second we started, Needless to say I stayed for 3 months and immediately saw results and new I wanted more. Unfortunately due to financial reasons I had to stop.

5 months had gone by since I was last seen at CrossFit. I returned to CrossFit West Essex May 2014 after testing other gyms looking for something similar, but after losing my job and my confidence I knew one place o wanted to be, CrossFit West Essex. After an amazing renovation, new faces, new challenges ahead of me I was at square one all over again 210lbs this time with a more serious goal, gaining my self belief and a drive to become a New Jersey State Police Officer.

Even jobless and without much money to begin with I committed to a 6 month program. Kevin, Raina, Armando, Chris, David, And Sam are a big reason why I am still here. I have been a committed CrossFitter at West Essex for 8 months total now committed to a year after my 6 months and am happy and proud to say today that because of these coaches that I have pushed on in the section process to the exam and I have passed the physical qualifications for the NJSP with flying colors and I have heightened my abilities to levels I never thought possible. I had lost 20lbs (now 195lbs after adding 5lbs of strength) and have developed my flexibility and endurance to a level I never thought I would be at. If you or anyone is looking for a place to achieve goals and reach them realistically, without being judged or whatever reason, these coaches can get there. You will never look at this gym/box whatever you may call it as a gym. You will find this to be a second home where you will be cheered for your failures and your achievements. Even if you are not a committed fitter you will always find great people and a great workout here.

Thank you CrossFit West Essex crew. I work hard for you and for my future.